Dynamic Holdings Limited
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Our Business

Dynamic Holdings Limited (the “Company“, together with its subsidiaries, the “Dynamic Group“) was incorporated in 1992, and its shares have been listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since its inception (HKSE Stock Code: 29). Dynamic Group is a premier property group in mainland China that specializes in the property investment of up-market residential, commercial and retail projects. Geographically, Dynamic Group focuses on key cities in core economic regions such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Our Vision

Dynamic Group is dedicated to “Building with Vision“, pursuing for sustainable growth while strategically creating value for stakeholders.

Our Values

Dynamic Group´s values are applicable throughout its business and underpin it in achieving continuous and sustainable growth. The coherent set of values are:

Integrity: advocate for work ethics, fairness, accountability, compliance and trust.

Sustainability: long-term focus, and adaptability in environmental, societal and economic contexts.

Excellence: keep abreast of the times with continuous improvement to deliver quality in a timely and effective manner.

Teamwork: commit to working and connecting together as a team in order to achieve collective intelligence.

Our Project

Dynamic Group´s projects include well-known Chaoyang Garden in Beijing and prominent Eton Place in Shanghai, which comprise shopping mall, carparks, offices and other amenities.

The upmarket residential/commercial/offices complex known as Chaoyang Garden in Beijing, as developed by Dynamic Group, has been accredited with various awards in recognition of its merits in architecture. This project has been well-received, establishing a quality brand for Dynamic Group in Beijing.

Its community shopping mall known as “Uptown“ in Beijing has been well-established and leased to various retailers with a well-known brand portfolio and tenant mix for shoppers, which has become a hive of activity in Chaoyang District.

Eton Place in Shanghai is a high-quality office tower located on the bank of the Huangpu River adjacent to the prime financial district of Lujiazui in Pudong. It´s primely located with excellent infrastructure and accessible in all directions. As part of the premium "Eton Hotel" complex with unique access to complete business facilities, coupled with quality property management, Eton Place is one of the signature office towers in Pudong area with tenant portfolio of renowned corporations.

Meanwhile, Dynamic Group procures its financial strength in a prudent and stable manner, utilizing funds efficiently and managing financial risks effectively.

Our People

Our people are key to the sustainable development and growth of our business. Supported by the experience, expertise and dedication of an elite team of management and professional workforce, Dynamic Group strives for and sustains its competitive niche in the market position and fulfills its mission of "Building with Vision".